Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seperating Line Numbers Off Source Code

This started as a good day , the day of pongal and i am on leave . No offices,computers and stupid IT people to stare at and completely happy .

When one of my clients had asked me , if i could get some 4000 youtube embed codes onto a website for a niche oriented website creation .

Hmmm , If it was 40 something , i would do them by hand , but 4000 is lol . So i had tried on some php classes on the wild internet and could find some libraries for help .

i found tellinya's xml rpc client as appropriate for the job , .
When i was about to copy the code from tellinya , i was posed with a problem ,

He had given the source code along with line numbers and i couldnt get the code out . it had line numbers on everyline on the left .

Hmmm :(


But the solution took less than a second .

I copied the source into a textfile and sprung up Excel .

Following were the steps i took to throw off the line numbers ,

1) Open the text file in excel and you would get the following import wizard . Click next to continue , as ours is delimited text.


2)Select Others and enter ‘.’ as period is used to seperate line number from the source code .


3) Press finish and copy the second column into a text file . WE ARE READY to rumble .


Thus was the day saved

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Flash based Color Scheme Generator

Flash based Color Scheme Generator

I think , this is a must have , and must be used tool for every web developer . A Flash based Color Scheme Generator . I have been searching the wild for , color scheme generator , but found the web based ( javascript ) scheme generators , to be abnormal .

Though , they were doing their job , i find them , unusual and normal . Thus i landed this flash based Color Scheme Generator .

Features ,
  1. Generates Color schemes , for web pages using color codes
  2. Generates , using Hex Codes
  3. There is a very great feature , of a Random Color Scheme Generation . You might be delighted to find nice color schemes using this feature .

And , how can this tool stand , against the adobe's kuler ?? This tool is simple and elegant and does the specified job perfectly .

Choose schemes , have fun .

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rani Revamped : The Making - Part 1

Its been really a long time , since any posts . So , i thought of writing down this series , Rani Revamped . I own the site , , and i am currently in the process of revamping it , with a fresh new look .

Preferably , i would try to give it a Web 2.0 look , with nice big fonts , wet floors , and on the whole a rich Rani experience , to all of visitors of the site.
The site , actually gives out , everything related to Rani Mukherjee , the bollywood fame , from pictures , wallpapers , to her latest news and videos.

From , its initial launch , i have designed and redesigned the site once . The initial version was lame enough , and was black in color . The next version , which i redesigned was using Red as the base . It was refreshing with its bright look and was welcoming enough that my site's visit went up from an average of 10 daily to ,30,60, and 80 , when on writing this post.

So , again , after a long gap , i am thinking of giving the site , again a new look and feel . And this time , i have chosen Orange as my site's base , though my users have opted for green on my site's web poll .

And this whole post series , i have taken to describe the steps in building my new Rani theme , with Orange as my base .

Before we begin , the thing that actually brought me towards Orange , was that wordpress theme .

ScreenShot - Alternate 0 Wordpress theme

The theme was best suited for my needs because ,
  1. The typography with the fonts was really awesome
  2. The color combination was welcoming , with orange as background , and using black and white to display text
  3. It was using an optimal amount of line height to display text , really what i wanted .
  4. It had the navigation bar , on top , which i prefer to keep all important links in one place
  5. It was perfect for online news and post display .
So , since this theme , suffered from a strong orange light , i thought of putting the whole site , into an orange box .

So , my first and foremost work , after choosing my wordpress template was to make my very own rani mukherjee banner .

Since orange was my color , i had to imbibe , into my banner , the following namely ,
  1. The Name of site , in a bold typeface ,
  2. The major color as orange , to reach out with the template
  3. And most importantly a Photo or many , of our fame , Rani Mukherjee
  4. And other eye candy items , to improve the overall view of the banner
So , this is the end of episode 1 , where we have just discussed facts , and in the following post , we will look at the process , i used to create the simple , but nice banner with photoshop .

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tiny Applications : For Your Cute Computer

Hey , fellas , found a new cool site , with lots of great links and stuffs . Man , i always suffer with a weird disease as long as i am with my system . Yeah , i always , like to have my system , as a clean lean kiddo with just the software it needs .
Not much and i hate bloated code , so every program that i install , i want it , to be the most efficient one . Efficiency , is with everything a program depends and works on . Size , CPU , power , tweak and hack capabilities , etc ..
Most , of my wandering activities , are concerned with and i do search for small and efficient applications that can get my job done .
More or Less , this actually , goes one on one with the UNIX philosophy , "Each of the unix tools in the box , does only one job but the one job they do well " .
So , i try to go for such applications , for my system . Appearance , is only the next thing i look into an application .
So , during my quest , i found this site very interesting and informative , and the author sure deserves a great credit .

TinyApps - , is a site , that bookmarks the smallest applications over the internet along with answering all the categories concerned with the programs , namely internet , files , system etc..

Be sure , to have a look this site , when you have time , and i am sure , you would love this site .

Thursday, December 21, 2006

My bookmarks of free PHP forum scripts

So , my next need , and my work is focussed towards collecting some of the quality PHP forum scripts available on the net , for free . My brother wants a script , that could perform a functionality like the Yahoo answers , but doesnt want users to fill in a long Signup form , and enter the forums .

He wants it to be crisp and sharp , asking only the necessary information .

So , here i go . And hey , i dont order them in any order . They just come in an unknown order . :D . ( or maybe something orders them ) .

  1. PHP Bulletin Board -
  2. Simple Machines Forum -
  3. Mini Bulletin Board - ( Both free and paid are available )
  4. Vanilla - 
  5. PuNBB -
  6. bbPress - ( From creators of Wordpress )
  7. MyBB -
  8. Phorum -
  9. UseBB -
  10. IceBB -
  11. QuickSilver Forum -
  12. Unclassified newsBoard -
  13. Viscacha -
  14. K4bb -

Those are the forums , i could bookmark for now . More will be added , and your contributions are most welcome , with comments as the medium to tell me .

And yet , one more thing is what i have to share , is that YaBB is another one of the exceptional forums , but the thing is , it is written and runs on Perl , rather than PhP  . So , have time ? consider visiting ,

YaBB -

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Video Community - Updated

So , this time , managing my Rani site has been quite a work and i have moved myself onto learning new techniques . This is the time , where i am indexing some of the great video upload sites , i could find on the internet . So , if you kinda know new sites , please comment me and let me know .

This is my work , towards , opening the video community to lamers . I am one , when writing this post . :D

And before i forget , i could find great resource remixing and reusing videos for purposes at the creative commons . Dont forget to visit , , and also not to forget the community , .

Thanks in advance . :D

  1. Youtube -
  2. Google Video -
  3. Videojug -
  4. Vimeo -
  5. Metacafe -
  6. Sharkle -
  7. Yahoo Videos -
  8. ZippyVideos -
  9. Revver -
  10. Flixya -
  11. VideoEgg -
  12. MSN Video -
  13. Divx Stage6 -
  14. Cbs5 Video Library -
  15. Kutv Video Library -
  16. OurMedia -
  17. The Open Video Project -
  18. DailyMotion -
  19. iFilm -
  20. VideoVat - www.VideoVat.Com
  21. vSocial -
  22. vMix -

CMS hideouts

I am happy to have found a new site , which sponsors , new Cms content . Actually i thought of starting one myself , to index all the nice cms's out there . But now , that i can turn my head towards , , i am happy with it .

So now , my analysis , towards using the best cms for my job , will just consist of reading out the reviews out there . my time will be saved .

Happy me , :D

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Free Image tools for Web Masters and ME

So , am busy searching for Image Editing and GIF Animation tools , let me bookmark here , all the sites , here . If it helps you , please comment me , and let me know .

Webmaster Image tools - Contains links to loads of image editing tools contains Shareware also
BATCH Image Convertor - This is tremendously useful , as it can work on a BATCH of images
Image Play - Great open source software , to put image effects , filters and create great images
Microsoft GIF Animator - Gif animation tool , for Animated GIF Creation . This link is a direct download of the GIF Animator
Easy Gif Animator -This software aint free , but i think it serves the purpose . Try downloading the 20 day trial , and getting those keys from the internet .
UnfreeZ - Excellent Tiny Free Opensource GIF Animator Software