Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seperating Line Numbers Off Source Code

This started as a good day , the day of pongal and i am on leave . No offices,computers and stupid IT people to stare at and completely happy .

When one of my clients had asked me , if i could get some 4000 youtube embed codes onto a website for a niche oriented website creation .

Hmmm , If it was 40 something , i would do them by hand , but 4000 is lol . So i had tried on some php classes on the wild internet and could find some libraries for help .

i found tellinya's xml rpc client as appropriate for the job , .
When i was about to copy the code from tellinya , i was posed with a problem ,

He had given the source code along with line numbers and i couldnt get the code out . it had line numbers on everyline on the left .

Hmmm :(


But the solution took less than a second .

I copied the source into a textfile and sprung up Excel .

Following were the steps i took to throw off the line numbers ,

1) Open the text file in excel and you would get the following import wizard . Click next to continue , as ours is delimited text.


2)Select Others and enter ‘.’ as period is used to seperate line number from the source code .


3) Press finish and copy the second column into a text file . WE ARE READY to rumble .


Thus was the day saved