Monday, March 13, 2006

Auroral Activity

Oh, my its been a long time since i have blogged . Hey , dont shout at me , shout those f*cking Model exams . Those are Damn .
And this time , what do i have for the Normal passer By ??

"Auroral Conflicts " , yeah i have always being astonished , with the Flow of mind , The RANDOMITY , it exhibits , the power to feel and talk inside .
Man , what an eternal Entity , has god created , unexplained with its mind boggling features .

Yeah "Mind is Mind Boggling" ( Recursive paradox hehehe ) , :D .

People , have always and even now , striving to bring upon the same Randomity , artifically , but In vain . Though the field on "Ai" is sure rapid in its development , but they cant explain or even get near to the randomity the mind exhibits .

How can the mind , talk inside us , make us go in "Thought Cycles " , can make us emotionally struck , bring upon our creative side , make us envy , laugh , go angry , feelings , how can anyone explain the Electrics of that Entity , constantly emitting Auroras , of our inner selfs !!!!!!!!!!! ?????????? . Do i see this '!' , or this '?' .

And , how can one explain the situation , " Hey , actually !! , that was the one i was thinkin , how did u know it man ,,,, did u read me r somethin ... " . Yeah the situation where , u were thinkin somethin and ur friend uttered , it as if he had seen inside U .
So , ultimately , is Mind a physical entity , controlled by a bunch of backup cells , or a "Unexplained mental phenomena " ?????????????????

So , i think u got , what was inside me , THINK ABOUT IT , and feel free for ya comments , Im waiting ...........................

' . . '
Im thinkin ,Thinking ,,,


Bhakti said...

The mind is a physical part of the body that creates little bursts and bubbles of energy that we call 'thoughts'.

The key here is to understand that the only way to understand the mind is to 'go inside'. Stop focusing on outward objects; objects of recognition. Look within. Have the mind look at itself.

Of course, the mind hates to do this--because then the 'ego' feels like it is losing control. But it is IMPERATIVE to meditate upon the mind in order to grasp some understanding of its function.

For example, sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Spend a while getting used to watching the breath flow in and out of the body. Then, switch your awareness to the mind. 'Watch' the thoughts as they come and go--remembering that thoughts are little bursts of energy, and if you don't get attached to them, that is--if you don't THINK about them, but simply witness them--they will pass right by like clouds in the sky.

The mind is an entity all its own. It is NOT the hub of our human existence. The Heart is the hub. Everything evolves around the Heart, because of the Heart (speaking of the spiritual Heart here, not the physical organ).

The mind is very interesting. Baba Muktananda has a great book called 'The Mind'. It's a tiny book, and you can find it at the Siddha Yoga Bookstore online (

BTW--I suspect the reason that we can sometimes 'know' what someone else is thinking is because there is only ONE. We're all part of this One great Play of Consciousness.

I don't know HOW it is that we understand each other's thoughts, etc...but I think it is because we are all connected somehow, in this great Universe.

Much love, Bootcat.

Bhakti said...


Gyrobo said...

The lights! The lights!

Mark said...

Hi, I saw your guestbook entry on my site. Glad you liked the fractals. A long time ago I programmed a fractal generator, very primitive compared to what's out there now. Now I use UltraFractal. Take care.