Thursday, September 29, 2005

Which Language ??

Basically , Im a C programmer and i have been programming for the past 2 years for now . but i'm always in a dilema on which language is the best & maybe atleast 2 or 3 i could learn so that i could get a complete vial , for programming .

I do system programming , web design (yeah.... :) ), appz etc ...
and iam a little attracted towards the opensource community which is the best when u wanna learn programming .
I also like the Linux Boxes , so if i wanna program there ( with power ) then maybe , C is the only answer .
And for web designing & programming i think perl & PHP are the Trolls of web world.
So i think i have to learn them too....
U'av got any advises , please let me have it GUYZ & ofcourse GRLZ .....

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