Friday, September 30, 2005

Opera 's FREE Folks....

I've heard from BBC's Clickonline ( )... that opera has become free . This is gr8 , cause the world's fastest browser is free too .
On their website , they have specified that it was possible due to their worldwide customer support .

They have removed the banners & licencing fee . Propably an attractive option or alternative or rival or whatever u would call to Mozilla FireFox .(I use both opera & FireFox )

But , i could see certain features that opera excels on , FireFox .

* Initially , it loads faster ( Hey if u ever had a P3 128 Mb Pc u would surely know )

* It renders faster than Firefox ( Now thats for sure , u hav 2 accept with me .. )

* It's seperate from u r system ( contrast to Internet Explorer which is the browser mostly targeted by Spywares ,Adwares etc.. )

* It has other features integerated , like Rss News feeder , Chat & Mail Client .., Notes windows etc..

* And many more features which i can say u would surely love , on using it...

Anyway , its individual preference when it comes to using these browsers and Opera sure has a good

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