Friday, October 07, 2005

Try Slackware

People on this tech world must have sure heard the word 'LINUX' ( atleast from hell ) , though most of em dont know what it is . I have tried a few Distro's which include Redhat,Mandrake,Linspire,Fedora,Knoppix,FreeBSD,Slack (ofcourse ...) .
Of all these distro's , i can tell you Slackware is the linux for beginners who want to learn the Shit out of linux .... yeah nothing comes right for you in this linux ,... u have to try on u'r own if it has to work ur way . Other Distros though may be easy to use .... are not what linux noobs who wanna be Pro's need.

So if u could , please try it once....u will sure stay ... -> See Slack there.....

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