Friday, October 21, 2005

Illustrator ? What do u think ??

Hah , My exams are returning & my ideas knock at this time ( Fcuk em.... arghhhh ) .......
I really dont know what to do .. & if i sit right now , i may literally cry at those exams , but this thing is really making me crazy ...

Iam thinking of a site on Illustrator .
Illustrator is a great tool , & if u ask me it is a lot more versatile & powerfull than photoshop ( esp when it comes to the pen tool ... )

I find that the internet lacks sites on illustrator when compared to photoshop ( i find one everywhere ... ) . Illustrator though being a gr8 tool , lacks respect it should have got ..
So i think , i may start a site on illustrator & show what can be done with it & reveal its true power . I may start , & could update regularly . I am thinking about tutorials , links , galleries & etc ............

So any piece of advice ,suggestions , frm anybody i would love it ,
And not to forget , I would love some help from u ... people ... If u are intrested , let me know .
Juz leave a comment .

And , if u r a illustrator guru or something like a illustrator Oracle or something & with a heart to teach , i wont deny any tutorials from you . ( Its really Gr8 man ... :) )

Dont forget to visit my site at

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Wishing Luck ,
BooTCaT .

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