Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

I Wish you passers by a DoughNut Sweet , Purple colored , Lavender Smelling HAPPY NEW YEAR . And my friend BLOGGING Buddies , get a square of it .

Let this year stay as prosperous as last year '-' (minus) those devastating hits , earthquakes ... blah blah ,, stuff and more Good Sign , Luck , Dreams , Works Added together squared .

I feel so happy , do you ????
If u , then feel free to comment MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!


Bhakti said...

You are SO sweet, Bootcat!

Happy New Year to you, too!

In love and laughter,

Gyrobo said...

It's already the new year?! I thought I still had two hours... oh, right. Time zones. One day I shall abolish all sense of time!

Happy New Year, Doctor. What? You're not a doctor?! Nurse! Get my charts. Someone's- someone's getting fired for this! You go back to sleep.

Gyrobo said...

Whoa! You're ten hours ahead of me!

It's nice to have friends who live in the future.

Gyrobo said...

Perhaps you should enable Blogger's word verification system. Your other blog is clogged with what I assume is comment spam. Enabling the filter should stop that from happening.

Bhakti said...

Hey Booters--where have you been???

8 Comment in one day, and now nothing?? :)