Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Friends Meet

Thank God , My "exams" are over now , But sad , the college opens in jus 5 days . Okae , must enjoy atleast until . So i started today , actually , waking up asusual . The air was cool , happy that i could fill my lungs up with some fresh air ( Rare these days :S ) . I suddenly got a phone call from my old school friend , who said he could drop in , if i was free .
Gladly , i am , so i said that i was waiting , and he dropped in .
And Mind me this posting goes for him .

He is a "should-mention" guy . Actually , was a friend 'o' mine , since those lollypop days . But He was sure a pretty decent , silent guy whom i like for his high thoughts , slow and steady pacing , and his yogi-style of work . Happy , i could have a friend like him .

We started talking and querying each other , since it had been a long time , we have met .
Slowly , he again reached his yogi-kinda "osho" speeches . He advised me , to meditate , and the powers , which he felt from it . And its power to save "mind" from the so called Adolosent diversions , ( which like any other teen ager , i suffer from ) . Actually speaking , my friend saved me "One more Time " , with his speech about yoga & meditation .

Meditation is one of the powerfull mind-control , techniques , which India has given to other countries , and its power is visible from the very art when started to practise .

Thanks to that Guy , I can concentrate , on my Work now ..

BooTCaT ( Meow )


Lisa said...

Hi there~ Thanks for dropping by my site..loved the little poem. :-)

Have a HAppy New Year!!


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