Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Very Merry Christmas , passer by :)

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Wish you a very merry christmas and this is my christmas present to you .
Feel Free to Steal me , Stranger :)

With Warm Wishes ,


(Though i am a hindu , i love christmas :D )


BooTCaT said...

Huh , no comments , looks like i have to write down my own comments

Bhakti said...

Oh--I would have commented had I known about your site!!

Merry Be-lated Christmas to you, my Hindu friend who loves Christmas!

With great blessings from your Christian friend who loves Hinduism!!

Bhakti said...

Hey--let's exchange links! I'll blogroll ya!

p.s. I don't understand Tamil..could you please translate what you wrote on my blog?? I can translate most English-transliteration of Sanskrit, but now Tamil.)