Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tiny Applications : For Your Cute Computer

Hey , fellas , found a new cool site , with lots of great links and stuffs . Man , i always suffer with a weird disease as long as i am with my system . Yeah , i always , like to have my system , as a clean lean kiddo with just the software it needs .
Not much and i hate bloated code , so every program that i install , i want it , to be the most efficient one . Efficiency , is with everything a program depends and works on . Size , CPU , power , tweak and hack capabilities , etc ..
Most , of my wandering activities , are concerned with and i do search for small and efficient applications that can get my job done .
More or Less , this actually , goes one on one with the UNIX philosophy , "Each of the unix tools in the box , does only one job but the one job they do well " .
So , i try to go for such applications , for my system . Appearance , is only the next thing i look into an application .
So , during my quest , i found this site very interesting and informative , and the author sure deserves a great credit .

TinyApps - , is a site , that bookmarks the smallest applications over the internet along with answering all the categories concerned with the programs , namely internet , files , system etc..

Be sure , to have a look this site , when you have time , and i am sure , you would love this site .

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Bhakti said...

Hello my Friend,
I was SO delighted to get your comment on my blog. I have not been on the computer as much as I used to (I'm trying to change that trend, though!) and that is why I have not been in touch.

Please send me an email and tell me how you are doing. I don't even know if you passed the tests that I was praying for you to pass last year!! (I would have to assume that you passed them since I didn't receive any other emails asking for my good wishes with regard to school.)

I would appreciate it if you wrote me an email and let me know what is going on in your life. It is wonderful to be back in touch with you.

Love and Blessings,