Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rani Revamped : The Making - Part 1

Its been really a long time , since any posts . So , i thought of writing down this series , Rani Revamped . I own the site , , and i am currently in the process of revamping it , with a fresh new look .

Preferably , i would try to give it a Web 2.0 look , with nice big fonts , wet floors , and on the whole a rich Rani experience , to all of visitors of the site.
The site , actually gives out , everything related to Rani Mukherjee , the bollywood fame , from pictures , wallpapers , to her latest news and videos.

From , its initial launch , i have designed and redesigned the site once . The initial version was lame enough , and was black in color . The next version , which i redesigned was using Red as the base . It was refreshing with its bright look and was welcoming enough that my site's visit went up from an average of 10 daily to ,30,60, and 80 , when on writing this post.

So , again , after a long gap , i am thinking of giving the site , again a new look and feel . And this time , i have chosen Orange as my site's base , though my users have opted for green on my site's web poll .

And this whole post series , i have taken to describe the steps in building my new Rani theme , with Orange as my base .

Before we begin , the thing that actually brought me towards Orange , was that wordpress theme .

ScreenShot - Alternate 0 Wordpress theme

The theme was best suited for my needs because ,
  1. The typography with the fonts was really awesome
  2. The color combination was welcoming , with orange as background , and using black and white to display text
  3. It was using an optimal amount of line height to display text , really what i wanted .
  4. It had the navigation bar , on top , which i prefer to keep all important links in one place
  5. It was perfect for online news and post display .
So , since this theme , suffered from a strong orange light , i thought of putting the whole site , into an orange box .

So , my first and foremost work , after choosing my wordpress template was to make my very own rani mukherjee banner .

Since orange was my color , i had to imbibe , into my banner , the following namely ,
  1. The Name of site , in a bold typeface ,
  2. The major color as orange , to reach out with the template
  3. And most importantly a Photo or many , of our fame , Rani Mukherjee
  4. And other eye candy items , to improve the overall view of the banner
So , this is the end of episode 1 , where we have just discussed facts , and in the following post , we will look at the process , i used to create the simple , but nice banner with photoshop .

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