Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Flash based Color Scheme Generator

Flash based Color Scheme Generator

I think , this is a must have , and must be used tool for every web developer . A Flash based Color Scheme Generator . I have been searching the wild for , color scheme generator , but found the web based ( javascript ) scheme generators , to be abnormal .

Though , they were doing their job , i find them , unusual and normal . Thus i landed this flash based Color Scheme Generator .

Features ,
  1. Generates Color schemes , for web pages using color codes
  2. Generates , using Hex Codes
  3. There is a very great feature , of a Random Color Scheme Generation . You might be delighted to find nice color schemes using this feature .

And , how can this tool stand , against the adobe's kuler ?? This tool is simple and elegant and does the specified job perfectly .

Choose schemes , have fun .

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